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NEW 10/19/12: "Statins & Cancer":

DOCUMENTARY - $tatin Nation
Great research and dedication has gone into making this invaluable documentary: "$tatin Nation"... there is a fee to video stream: £3.49 or $4.99. The DVD will be available in a few weeks:

Justin Smith, the producer, has also written the book, "$29 Billion Reasons to Lie About Cholesterol".


Shane (The People's Chemist) tells it like it is (some strong language)...
A must read:

Does The Family Really Need Lipitor and Aspirin?



   Welcome to Stopped Our Statins

~ Stopped Our Statins Mission Statement ~
ring awareness to everyone taking a statin drug

Are you worried about your cholesterol levels?
Well, don't...
Cholesterol is not the problem... it's "inflammation"

Read: Beyond the Lipid Hypothesis ~
Exposing the Fallacy That Cholesterol and
Saturated Fat Cause Heart Disease

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                    A Must Read for All Women

Evidence for Caution: Women and Statin Use
By Harriet Rosenberg & Danielle Allard

This document's focus is: Key Issues in the Evaluation of...
* Statin Benefit, Safety & Information Representation
"Our review of these fields identifies a troubling disjuncture between the widespread use of statin medication for women and the evidence base for that usage. What we found instead was evidence for caution"

All information is referenced.

44 Page Document with additional supporting information:

Statins and Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Moderate-Risk Females
                              Statin Side Effects

While taking a statin, do/did you experience:
* Shoulder/neck or muscle pain?
* Difficulty turning over in bed?
* Difficulty walking (heavy legs)?
* Frequent fatigue for no apparent reason?

Just SOME of the most serious complications from statins:
* Rhabdomyolysis:
Muscle deterioration; severe cases can lead to kidney failure & death.
* Increased Creatine Phosphokinase [CK or CPK]:
Enzyme released due to damage of the muscles of the heart, body and brain
* Memory Loss, often mistaken for Alzheimer's
* Parkinson's type symptoms
* Cancer
* Heart Palpitations & Arrhythmias
* Migraines
* Digestive Disorders

Did your doctor...
Ever tell you that you should take CoQ10 when taking statins?
Explain all the possible side effects that might far outweigh any benefit?
Tell you that statins can make you exercise intolerant?
Ever ask if you were experiencing memory decline?

And when you complained of muscle pain...
Did your CK or CPK test come back NORMAL?
AND your Dr. said Statins are NOT the problem;
Must be arthritis? Old age?

Only you can answer these questions.

              Do you suffer from statin side effects?

UCSD Statin Effects Study
If you take or have taken a statin drug and experienced adverse side effects, Dr Beatrice Golomb is conducting an ongoing study. If you wish to participate in the study, click on this link: NEW Online paperless Questionnaire (page) .  If you need Statin Adverse Effects information, click on UCSD Statin Effects Study.

FDA's MedWatch
If you are experiencing side effects from statins (or any drug for that matter) it is very important to report adverse side effects to FDA's MedWatch.

Dr. Duane Graveline's Newsletter
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Dr Graveline not only experienced TGA (transient global amnesia) but has recently been diagnosed with ALS.
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Recent Articles

Do You Take Statins?

Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs come with side effects, and a small group of MDs is questioning if these “wonder drugs” are worth it.
Health Goes Strong by Celeste Perron / October 2010

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Cholesterol Reconsidered

Research disputes cholesterol's reputation as the primary culprit behind heart disease. Here's the real scoop on its role in the body, the right ways to bring it down naturally, and why cholesterol-lowering drugs may not be the cure-all we've been led to believe. By Experience Life Staff / June 2009

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Statins & CoQ10 Deficiency

CoQ10 (Also known as Coenzyme Q10 - Q10 Co-enzyme Q10 - Ubiquinone) plays a critically important role in energy production and possibly an even greater role within the mitochondria as an anti-oxidant, with a free radical-quenching ability some 50 times greater than that of vitamin E. 
Statins & CoQ10 Deficiency


Elevated homocysteine was identified over 40 years ago as a better indicator of heart disease than high cholesterol. BUT the medical community took a U-Turn and stayed with the high cholesterol theory. There are several books and articles on this website that discuss (elevated) homocysteine, how it affects your heart health and how to regulate homocysteine. Read more at:
Cholesterol & Homocysteine


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